Exploring Hidden Safe Options

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Exploring Hidden Safe Options

Hello everyone, my name is Chantelle Olpeck. Welcome to my site about safes. When I moved into a bad area, I was unsure how I should store all of my vintage jewelry. I had pieces passed down from my great grandmother that I never wanted to lose. I contacted a locksmith to talk about all of the options for a secure safe. I knew that people in my area were not beyond ripping the safe off the floor and leaving with the entire thing. As a result, I chose to have a hidden safe installed under the floorboards. The safe keeps my jewelry secure in the event of theft or a fire. When you look at the floor the safe is installed below, you can't even tell it is the right location. I will use this site to teach others how to keep their valuables secure with a hidden safe.


How To Properly Maintain Your Locks

Your home's security is always paramount.  The best way to keep your home safe is to have good locks. These locks will need to be maintained to keep working their best.

If you want to know how to maintain your locks and keep them working, here are some tips.

Remove Dirt

Dust, dirt, and grime will accumulate over time. Every time you use your key small particles of dust will get inside your lock.  If it is not cleaned, over time there will be a buildup. This buildup can eventually affect your locking device, by making it difficult to open and close.  Try to remove as much dirt as you can. You can use a bottle of pressurized air for this. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals and solutions to clean your locks. This will only cause damage.

Lubricate Your Locks

You need to lubricate your locks at least once per year. If you can, try to follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't know the manufacturer, ask a locksmith which lubricants they recommend. Follow their suggestions, to avoid lock damage. Be careful not to overly lubricate your locks. There must be a balance. 

Read the instructions on the lubricant carefully. This way you won't apply too much or too little.

Pay Attention

Examining your doors and locks occasionally is important. Over time there is likely to be wear and tear. The only way to spot this is to inspect the door and locks. The signs of wear and tear are sometimes very obvious. If the damage is affecting how the door locks, get professional help by calling a locksmith.

Take Care of Your Keys

Since keys and locks work together, take care of them too. When keys are worn out and damaged, they are likely to damage your locks. Keep keys in safe places to prevent damage. Also, try to keep them as clean as possible. Watch for signs that you need key replacement. Signs you need to replace keys are often obvious. You will see jagged edges and even some warping. All these are signs that your keys need replacement and could damage locks.

Take care of your Locks

Locks are an important part of your home security system. As such, they must be taken care of. If you suspect that your locks are damaged, call a locksmith quickly. It's always better to be on the safe side. Damaged locks and keys can easily be replaced, so get professional help as soon as there is a problem.

For more information, contact a company such as Independent Lock & Parts.