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Exploring Hidden Safe Options

Hello everyone, my name is Chantelle Olpeck. Welcome to my site about safes. When I moved into a bad area, I was unsure how I should store all of my vintage jewelry. I had pieces passed down from my great grandmother that I never wanted to lose. I contacted a locksmith to talk about all of the options for a secure safe. I knew that people in my area were not beyond ripping the safe off the floor and leaving with the entire thing. As a result, I chose to have a hidden safe installed under the floorboards. The safe keeps my jewelry secure in the event of theft or a fire. When you look at the floor the safe is installed below, you can't even tell it is the right location. I will use this site to teach others how to keep their valuables secure with a hidden safe.


3 Ways To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Car For A Prolonged Period

If you have ever been locked out of your car for a prolonged period, you likely know how frustrating it can be. If it has occurred on multiple occasions, you may have even jimmied your lock using a coat hanger or other makeshift tool at one time or another. Even if you were successful at gaining entry to your vehicle, you risked damaging the internal mechanisms of your automobile's window, door latch and lock. Nevertheless, there are other measures that you can take to help prevent being locked out of your car for long spans of time in the future. Here are a few of them:

Give a spare key to your spouse or a friend.

If you are the primary person who drives your vehicle, you may not feel that it is necessary to give a spare key to someone else. However, even if the other person never drives your car, he or she can be readily available with a key on hand if you happen to lock yours inside the vehicle or misplace it.

Many hardware stores do not offer key duplicates for new automobiles. Thus, you will likely need the help of a locksmith if you do not have an extra key available.

Tape or attach a key to the underside of your vehicle or underneath the hood.

To ensure that there is always a key available with your vehicle, you can consider taping a spare to the underside of your car or somewhere underneath your hood. It is important to ensure that the key is firmly attached to the vehicle, especially if it is underneath the hood of your car near important mechanical components. If the key inadvertently becomes trapped inside an important component of your vehicle, it may cause damage. Thus, the placement of the key should be well thought out beforehand.

Consider having a remote lock installed.

Some new vehicles have a remote locking system that allows you to unlock a car using online security apps. Even if your car is a bit older, a locksmith may be able to install a similar application for you.

Often, security applications can be operated remotely through a computer. Check with a locksmith, such as Becker Locksmith Services, in your area to determine whether or not similar technology is available for your car or truck. To learn more ways to ensure that you never get locked out of your car for an extended, contact a local locksmith.