Exploring Hidden Safe Options

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Exploring Hidden Safe Options

Hello everyone, my name is Chantelle Olpeck. Welcome to my site about safes. When I moved into a bad area, I was unsure how I should store all of my vintage jewelry. I had pieces passed down from my great grandmother that I never wanted to lose. I contacted a locksmith to talk about all of the options for a secure safe. I knew that people in my area were not beyond ripping the safe off the floor and leaving with the entire thing. As a result, I chose to have a hidden safe installed under the floorboards. The safe keeps my jewelry secure in the event of theft or a fire. When you look at the floor the safe is installed below, you can't even tell it is the right location. I will use this site to teach others how to keep their valuables secure with a hidden safe.


3 Crucial Commercial Locksmith Tips For Your Business

Securing your business is one of the most important things you can do in order to make sure that you're protected. In order to take good care of your business, your locks and security system must be up to par. If you're looking for the best ways to make the most of your lock and key needs, it pays to gain an understanding for the best way to go about it. Consider the following tips, in order to make your workplace as safe as possible. 

#1: Re-key The Office Building As Soon As You Move In

If you are moving into a new office building, the very first thing you should do is touch base with a commercial locksmith, to change out all of the locks. Re-keying the building will go a long way toward keeping your property and employees out of harm's way, since there were likely numerous copies of the old keys circulating. It pays to be safe, rather than sorry, so be sure that you allow a locksmith to do the honors for you. 

#2: Purchase A Top Of The Line Security System

In an age where technology is rapidly increasing, there's no excuse not to have the best security system possible. When you want to keep your business safeguarded, you'll need to get a quality alarm installed in order to capitalize. Consider some of the following information, to make sure you're getting the best alarm possible:

  • Customer service will make or break the usefulness of your security system, so make sure that the representatives of the security company are top notch
  • Opt for mobile sync whenever possible, so that you are able to control the alarm and monitor your building remotely
  • Get coverage for fire monitoring, so that your security and safety are protected
  • Make sure that you get the fees for your alarm system in the form of a written quote, so that you can shop around wisely

#3: Know What You're Looking For In A Locksmith

You'll need to do your due diligence when getting service from a commercial locksmith. Consider some of the following advice when hiring such a locksmith:

  • Get a complete estimate for any work before you hire a locksmith for your business
  • Always get a warranty on any locks or systems that you get installed
  • Make sure you know the full cost of locksmith work, including the cost of parts that are hard to come by
  • Ask for a copy of your locksmith's license and liability insurance

Take advantage of these tips, so that you are able to get the most of your commercial locksmith work. Talk to experts like High Security Locksmith for more information.