Exploring Hidden Safe Options

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Exploring Hidden Safe Options

Hello everyone, my name is Chantelle Olpeck. Welcome to my site about safes. When I moved into a bad area, I was unsure how I should store all of my vintage jewelry. I had pieces passed down from my great grandmother that I never wanted to lose. I contacted a locksmith to talk about all of the options for a secure safe. I knew that people in my area were not beyond ripping the safe off the floor and leaving with the entire thing. As a result, I chose to have a hidden safe installed under the floorboards. The safe keeps my jewelry secure in the event of theft or a fire. When you look at the floor the safe is installed below, you can't even tell it is the right location. I will use this site to teach others how to keep their valuables secure with a hidden safe.


Unlocking Your Home Without Keys Or Worries

It's not uncommon for people to be concerned about accidentally locking themselves out of their home. By the same token, making it possible for visiting family or nearby friends to get into your home without you there can be inconvenient. Rather than storing a spare key in a place that anyone can find it, there are some easy ways that you can address both of these issues, none of which involve extra keys being made.

Home Automation Apps

Rather than carrying a number of keys, many people choose to hold on to just a few keys—eliminating your home key is another way to decrease the excess and increase the convenience. There are a number of different services available which can be tied into your doors, garage, lighting and many other parts of your home. Most of these services offer some way to access your home's system through a mobile application on your smart phone or other web-enabled device.

With a home automation system tied to your smart phone, you don't have to worry about guests arriving unexpectedly. If you can access the cellular network you can unlock your home, turn on lights, close your garage or adjust the thermostat from wherever you happen to be. Of course, this relies on you remembering your phone to avoid being locked out yourself.

Keyless Door Locks

Electronic or keyless locking systems are an excellent integration for a home automation system. If you're not ready for a home automation system, note that keyless locks also ensure that you never have to worry about forgetting a key again. So long as you can remember your security code, you'll be able to get back into your home.

When shopping for keyless lock systems, make sure you focus on those that can only be attached or accessed from the inside of your house. This will prevent tampering from the outside and ensure your home remains secure. You also want to look for models which still offer a key access, which often acts as an override for times when the power is out or you need to get inside fast.

No one wants to end up locked out of their house, regardless of the circumstances behind it. With the right accessories and services, you never have to worry about it again. To find out more, and to schedule an installation, you can contact a locksmith, like Broadway Locksmith Inc, to evaluate your doors for a keyless lock or contact a security company to connect a more elaborate home automation system.