Exploring Hidden Safe Options

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Exploring Hidden Safe Options

Hello everyone, my name is Chantelle Olpeck. Welcome to my site about safes. When I moved into a bad area, I was unsure how I should store all of my vintage jewelry. I had pieces passed down from my great grandmother that I never wanted to lose. I contacted a locksmith to talk about all of the options for a secure safe. I knew that people in my area were not beyond ripping the safe off the floor and leaving with the entire thing. As a result, I chose to have a hidden safe installed under the floorboards. The safe keeps my jewelry secure in the event of theft or a fire. When you look at the floor the safe is installed below, you can't even tell it is the right location. I will use this site to teach others how to keep their valuables secure with a hidden safe.


Don't Forget These 3 Key Areas While Moving

Moving is often an exciting time; it's the start of a new chapter, a new beginning in life. However, moving can also be fairly stressful. There's a lot to remember and if you're not organized, some key duties can slip through the cracks. Don't forget to address these three areas either before, during, or immediately after your move.

1. Returning and Picking Up Belongings

If you've lived in an area for awhile, chances are you've borrowed from or lent out things to friends and neighbors. A common forgotten checklist task when moving is the collection and return of these items. From gardening tools to small kitchen appliances to dry cleaning that's been at the cleaners for weeks, don't forget to pick up what's yours and return what isn't. Return all library books, pick up your pants from the tailor's, return all rented DVDs, and that blouse you borrowed from your sister. While you can always mail or ship items after you've moved, doing so can prove inconvenient and costly.  

2. Change Locks and Deadbolts

Whether you've bought a new home or are moving into a rental, you can never be sure who still has keys to the residence. The prudent thing to do in all cases is to change the locks right after you move in—or have them changed before, if possible. While the previous owners may be perfectly trustworthy, their friends and service providers with spare keys may not be. Consult with a professional locksmith like Bellows Locksmith to see if rekeying or an entirely new lockset is your best option.  

3. Screen New Service Providers

When you've lived somewhere for awhile, you have all your bases covered; over time, you find out the phone number of the best plumber, the closest hospital, the most trustworthy locksmith and even the location of a 24-hour animal hospital for your pet. However, when you move somewhere new, you'll have to start from scratch. The worst time to fumble for phone numbers is when an emergency arises. Take steps to select these important contacts shortly after you move so that you'll have their numbers handy in the event a crisis arises.

Moving can be an exciting new adventure, the start of a brand new chapter in life. However, it's also a time when you have a lot on your plate and a long to-do list. Remember to address these three key areas before, during, or right after you move, and you'll likely have an even more positive experience.