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3 Reasons Breaking into Your Own Home Because You’re Locked Out Is Not a Good Idea

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In a moment of absentmindedness, you grab your belongings and are off to the car, your door locking and closing behind you and the keys you need to get back in still sitting in wait on the kitchen counter. If you are like the majority of people who accidentally lock themselves out of the house, your first reaction will be to do what you have to do to get back inside and retrieve your keys, whether it is trying to shimmy a credit card into the lock or tracking down an unlocked window.  It is a much better idea to get out your cellphone and call a locksmith who can come and help you out than to take matters into your own hands. Here are three reasons why breaking into your own home is not a good idea.  You could easily get the cops called on you for being up to no good.  Picture this: you are halfway through the process of climbing up into a window when the local police show up in your front drive with lights flashing. Turns out, someone driving by saw you trying to break into your own home and called the cops. Even though this is a situation that is usually easy to explain away, explaining such a situation to your surrounding neighbors may not be so easy.  You could give onlooking burglars too many ideas.  When you have locked yourself out of the house and go on a frenzied attempt to get back inside, onlookers will probably get a pretty good idea of the weak points in your home’s overall security. For example, if you head directly to a window that never locks because it has a broken latch, someone with ill intentions would make note of which window you chose to go to. You don’t want to give anyone ideas about how to get into your locked home, so it is a much better idea to call a locksmith for help.  You could damage something you’ll have to pay to repair.  Trying to shimmy a lock with whatever tools you find or push hard enough on a locked window to get it open can mean you inadvertently cause damage to your home in the process. The last thing you want is some kind of repair bill simply because you locked your keys in the house. Save yourself the hassle and use a fraction of that money to reach out to a professional locksmith for help instead.  For more information about what to do when you lock yourself out of your home, talk to a company like Economy Lock & Key,...

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3 Ways To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Car For A Prolonged Period

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If you have ever been locked out of your car for a prolonged period, you likely know how frustrating it can be. If it has occurred on multiple occasions, you may have even jimmied your lock using a coat hanger or other makeshift tool at one time or another. Even if you were successful at gaining entry to your vehicle, you risked damaging the internal mechanisms of your automobile’s window, door latch and lock. Nevertheless, there are other measures that you can take to help prevent being locked out of your car for long spans of time in the future. Here are a few of them: Give a spare key to your spouse or a friend. If you are the primary person who drives your vehicle, you may not feel that it is necessary to give a spare key to someone else. However, even if the other person never drives your car, he or she can be readily available with a key on hand if you happen to lock yours inside the vehicle or misplace it. Many hardware stores do not offer key duplicates for new automobiles. Thus, you will likely need the help of a locksmith if you do not have an extra key available. Tape or attach a key to the underside of your vehicle or underneath the hood. To ensure that there is always a key available with your vehicle, you can consider taping a spare to the underside of your car or somewhere underneath your hood. It is important to ensure that the key is firmly attached to the vehicle, especially if it is underneath the hood of your car near important mechanical components. If the key inadvertently becomes trapped inside an important component of your vehicle, it may cause damage. Thus, the placement of the key should be well thought out beforehand. Consider having a remote lock installed. Some new vehicles have a remote locking system that allows you to unlock a car using online security apps. Even if your car is a bit older, a locksmith may be able to install a similar application for you. Often, security applications can be operated remotely through a computer. Check with a locksmith, such as Becker Locksmith Services, in your area to determine whether or not similar technology is available for your car or truck. To learn more ways to ensure that you never get locked out of your car for an extended, contact a local...

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Improving Your Home’s Security at the Front Door

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Your front door is your first line of defense against would-be burglars. The lock keeps unwanted visitors out, and the peephole lets you see who is at the door before you visit. If you are concerned about your home’s security, the front door is a good place to start with security upgrades. Here are a few options you can consider to improve your home’s safety and security. Video Doorbells While peepholes give you some ability to tell who is on the other side of the door, they require you to actually be close to the door to use them. This could leave you vulnerable if someone wants to push his or her way into the home. With a video doorbell, you can view the front entrance of your home on your mobile device. These doorbells also have a built-in intercom system, so you can answer the doorbell from any room in your home. Keyless Entry Deadbolts Keyless entry deadbolts combine convenience and security at your front door. Because you only have to enter a passcode to get into your home, you don’t have to fumble with keys in the dark. You also don’t have to worry about leaving your home vulnerable to would-be thieves if you lose your keys. You can even program the deadbolt lock with multiple passcodes so each person in your household has a unique passcode for entry. These devices typically have illuminated keypads to make it easy to enter your code at night. Security Door Barricades Security door barricades offer added protection while you are at home. These security devices slide into place at the bottom of your door to prevent kick-ins and reinforce the front door. These barricades can provide added peace of mind at night while you and your family are sleeping. Night Vision–Enabled Security Cameras Security cameras at your front door can help to deter would-be thieves. Even if you have a video doorbell, you may want to consider adding an extra camera to your front porch. Keep the camera trained on your sidewalk and the curb so you can see people as they approach your home, and look for a product with night-vision capabilities so you can monitor your home’s exterior when it is dark outside. Work with your locksmith to install any or all of these security measures to your front door to improve your overall home security. Ask your locksmith about any other home security measures you can put in place to protect your home and your...

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Stopping A Burglar At The Door

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A house burglar wants to get into your home easily and quietly. A thief will try your doors first because a window entry can draw the attention of the neighbors. If it takes too much effort or makes too much noise, they will likely move on to the next home. Here are some of the typical ways a burglar can break into your home and how you can stop them. Breaking a Deadbolt A deadbolt made by the casting process can be shattered by a blow from a hammer or pry bar. If a burglar suspects that you have a cheap lock in the door, they may try to break the lock quickly to get into the house. A locksmith can show you deadbolts that are rated ANSI Grade 1 and made of solid steel with a hardened steel bolt. These locks resist being shattered and will deter a thief. Sawing Through the Bolt Two conditions must be present for a burglar to try to saw through the bolt on a deadbolt: The thief must be able to pry the door away from the frame enough to expose the bolt so they can get a saw blade on it. The bolt must be inferior quality to allow someone to cut through it. Buying the best rated lock addresses the second point. Hardened steel bolts cannot be sawed through without a lot of time and making noise. You have a few options to deal with someone prying the door away from the frame: Have a carpenter reset the door and hinges so the edge is closer to the frame. This makes it harder to get a pry bar into the space to push the door aside. Install metal strips to the edge of the door and along the frame. These prevent the wood from cracking and creating an opening when someone tries to pry the door. Install an external mounted deadbolt. This attaches to the interior surface of the door and wall making it difficult to get to the bolt. Install a vertical deadbolt. This mounts on the surface of the door and wall like the previous lock, but the steel bolt moves up into a steel housing. The bolt is not exposed and cannot be accessed no matter how much the door is pried away from the frame. Slipping the Bolt Past the Frame If the bolt is too short, a thief could pry the door way from the frame enough to slip the bolt past the frame. It’s recommended that the bolt slip into the door frame at least one inch for the best protection. Install locks with longer bolts if this is a problem. Forcing the Bolt Through the Door Frame If the door frame is weak or cracked, a thief may be able to push the bolt through the wood to open the door. You can prevent this by installing reinforced strike plates. The strike plate is the rectangular metal piece with a hole in the middle. The plate is attached to the door frame and the bolt slips through this. Reinforced strike plates have a steel box where the hole is. The bolt slips into this steel box making it unlike a thief could push the bolt and the strike plate through the frame. Contact...

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Three Tips To Help Your Business’s Locks Avoid Common Problems

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One of the responsibilities of managing your business is to keep it safe from criminals. Unfortunately, there are many business owners that may assume this only requires making sure there are locks on each door. While locks can be an excellent first line of defense, it can be common for individuals to overlook the type of maintenance that is required to keep a lock in good condition. By using these tips, you can help ensure that your locks are free from some common performance compromising problems. Ensure The Hinges Are Tight The hinges on your doors allow them to swing open and close. However, if the hinges on a door become loose, they can cause the door to pull away from the frame, which may severely compromise the security of your locks. To prevent this common issue from exposing your business to a higher risk of crime, you should make sure to inspect any hinges at least once a year. If you notice that the hinges are becoming loose, you can use a screwdriver to tighten them. However, you will need to test the door after adjusting the hinges to make sure that you did not over tighten them as this can cause warping to occur. Keep The Locks Clean Cleaning the doors may be an important part of keeping your business welcoming to customers, but it can be easy to overlook cleaning the locks. Over time, dust and dirt can gather on the exterior of the locks, and if these substances get inside it, they can prevent the key from opening it. You can help to minimize this problem by wiping down the exterior of the lock with a damp cloth. Avoid using soaps or other substances as these can leave a residue on the interior of the lock, which may make it easier for dust and dirt to get trapped. Have Any Locks Serviced Every Couple Of Years In addition to performing routine maintenance on your locks, you will also need to make sure that you are having them professionally serviced at least once every couple of years. During these service visits, a locksmith will carefully clean the interior of the locks to remove any substances that may have gotten inside, and they will also closely inspect the internal components to make sure that they are properly lubricated and free of wear and tear. While these service visits may cause minor disruptions to your business, it can be more than worth it to help ensure that your locks are providing your enterprise with effective protection. For more information, contact a local professional like Hicks Safes & Locks...

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Lost Your Car Keys? 3 Money-Saving Tips You Need To Know

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Car keys have become more and more high-tech over the years. Generally, that’s a good thing. It means that your car is more secure, and you’re more protected from theft and loss. However, losing your car keys has become more than just a minor annoyance—it can be a painfully expensive loss. While an old car key could be copied for just a few dollars, new keys containing transponders can cost $200 or more to replace. However, there are some ways to save money on your replacement keys and prevent the expense in the future. Don’t Call The Dealership First If you’ve lost a transponder key, make a locksmith your first call, not the dealership. You’ll usually be able to get the key replaced for a lower price by using an auto locksmith. For example, a transponder key for a Ford F-150 may cost $160, plus $75 for the fob, but the price will be $20-$30 less if you use an auto locksmith. As an additional bonus, a locksmith will come to you (while a dealership won’t). Mobile service is pretty convenient if you’re locked out of your car—you’ll also be saving yourself the cost of a cab ride to your dealership. Unfortunately, if you have a smart key or a laser-cut key instead of a transponder key, you might have no choice. Typically, these must be replaced by the dealership. However, there may still be a way to recoup your costs. Report It To Your Auto Insurance Company Are lost keys covered by your car insurance company? If you have comprehensive coverage, the answer is “yes,” most auto insurance companies will cover the cost of replacing your keys. Chances are good that they’ll only replace the car keys, not any other keys you had on the same key ring. However, your house keys are also probably lower-tech and cheaper to replace than a transponder key or smart key. Bear in mind that if your keys were stolen, you’ll have to file a police report and give a copy of it to your insurance company. Also, you may be required to pay a deductible, so find out if an auto insurance claim makes financial sense before filing. Keep Your Keys Safer If you’re the type of person that frequently loses your car keys, you may want to look into taking preventative measures. Otherwise, you may want to invest in an electronic key finder device. These will cost you a fraction of what a new key costs, and can be helpful if you absent-mindedly misplace your keys at home or work. You may also want to look into getting a waterproof or shockproof key, or at least a waterproof container to keep it in. Discovering that your key doesn’t work may be even more frustrating than being unable to find your key. If you’re a surfer or avid beachgoer, or you’re otherwise often in contact with water, this may be a smart investment. If it’s in your budget, just buy a spare key to keep in a safe place. Being prepared for an eventual loss is the best possible way to avoid an unexpected expense at a bad time. For more information, check with companies like ARC Locksmith...

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3 Things A Locksmith Can Help With That You May Not Have Known About

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Many people think of a locksmith as the person you go to when your you are locked out of your home or car, need locks rekeyed, or installing a new lockset on a brand new door. A locksmith can actually do much more than that. Here are 3 things that a locksmith can do that you may not know about.     Fixing A Dragging Door When your door suddenly starts dragging against the ground when opening or closing it, the door is probably not in proper alignment. It happens due to old age, wear and tear, and physical damage. For example, the door’s hinges may become weak and start to sag over time due to the weight of a heavy door. Thankfully, a dragging door is a problem that can be fixed by a simple call to a locksmith. Your door may be in need of continuous hinges, or piano hinges. Unlike traditional hinges, they run down the entire length of a door, which helps give the door the support it needs to prevent itself from dragging. Ideally, the continuous hinge used will match the décor of the existing door, in terms of the color of the door itself or matching the metal hardware Fixing A Door Slams Shut If you have a door that is quickly slamming shut and causing a very loud sound, it could be a problem with the door closer. It’s the arm that is installed above a door that has a box attached to it. This box contains springs that help control the motion of the door as it closes. A locksmith should be able to repair these closers, often carrying replacement closers on hand in case one is needed on short notice. Fixing A Malfunctioning Keypad You do not need to hire a technology expert to work with an electronic entry system since a locksmith is also qualified to handle repairs. This includes repairs to crucial elements such as keypads.  If your card-key, key fob, or numerical code entry system is malfunctioning, hire a locksmith to handle the repair. Just make note of the name of your electronic entry system, and any identifying information about the keypad. This includes serial numbers or model numbers. This will help a locksmith narrow down the problem before they ever get to your home or business. When your problem is related to the locks or security of your building, chances are a locksmith can help fix if for...

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What Are Some Benefits Of Home Automation Security Systems?

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When it comes to home security systems, there are many to choose from. Some of the newest systems include home automation, which allow you to have remote access not just to the security alarm, but the video cameras, appliances, electronics, and thermostat in your home. Here are some reasons to choose a home automation security system. You Get Instant Security System Monitoring If you want to be able to check in on your family, pets, or home while you’re away, you can do so in an instant with home automation. With this type of system, you install an app on your phone or other mobile device that lets you look at the cameras placed inside or around your home. You will be able to see instantly what is going on and whether or not there is an intruder in the house. It can help you to check in on your kids after they get home from school, make sure your dog is okay while you’re gone, and to make sure nothing in your home is amiss while on vacation. You Have Better Peace of Mind Your mind can also be at ease with home automation since you are able to take care of safety issues when you aren’t home. If you just left the house to take your daughter to school and weren’t entirely sure if you remembered to turn off the television, you can check in and turn it off remotely. This is one of many other things aside from the alarm system and video cameras that the home automation lets you control. You can check to see if the lights are turned off and if you accidentally left the stove on. You Can Utilize Automated Door Locks With home automation, you also have control of your door locks. There are high-security locks that you can actually control remotely with the same mobile app. You will be able to unlock the doors if you need to let someone in, such as if the housekeeper arrives. You can also lock the door from your car if you forgot to when you were leaving the house. If your teenager calls you up and says they don’t remember if they locked it, you can check in and double-check to see if it was locked or not. You Can Control the Thermostat If you have problems with a high energy bill because you want to leave the thermostat on cool all day so you don’t get home to a hot home, you will benefit with home automation. You can change the temperature of the thermostat throughout the day without being home. If you leave for work, you can turn off your HVAC unit so you aren’t wasting energy when nobody is home. An hour before you leave, you can turn the air conditioner on so it is nice and cool by the time you get home. Contact companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc for more information about how to provide the best security for your...

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Three Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Safe

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A personal safe can be an invaluable item in your home. Not only can it store extra money for emergencies, you can also use it for important financial documents and expensive belongings. While you may assume that your safe needs no maintenance whatsoever, that is not the case. While internal components are lubricated and should not need any work, there are some things you can do to make sure that your safe continues to open properly and does not become corroded. Here are some of the actions you can take. Lubricate Bolts on the Safe Door To make sure that the door of your safe can swing open and closed easily, it is a good idea to keep the door bolts lubricated. Every now and then, open the door and put a bit of lubricant on the door bolts. This will help you reduce the chances that friction will damage the bolts and interfere with the proper functioning of the door. Use a Dehumidifier or Fan Moisture in the air, or humidity, can affect metal safes, causing them to corrode in some cases. To avoid this kind of damage, it’s a good idea to think about getting a dehumidifier for the room the safe is located in. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air and deposit it into a tank that you empty on a regular basis. If you don’t want to get a dehumidifier just yet, you can also use a fan to keep moisture levels down. Simply put a fan near the safe to keep moisture at a minimum and keep the air circulating. Pull out the safe from the wall a bit so that dry air is able to circulate all around the safe. Avoid Storing It in High Traffic Areas While safes are meant to be very durable, like anything else you own, it can be subject to some wear and tear as the years go by. Therefore, don’t keep it in high traffic areas in your home. For instance, avoid keeping it in the living room where your teenager might use it as a footrest or putting it behind your bedroom door so that you hit it repeatedly day after day.  Now that you know some of the things you can do to protect your safe over time, use the information in this article to help you maintain it properly. Talk to a safe repair expert (like those at Suburban Lock) who can give you some other pointers on how you can keep your safe in good...

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Avoiding The Dealership: How To Save Money On Car Key Replacement

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Car dealerships are not typically known for their low prices on services, and the cost of car key replacement is no different. Today’s car keys often include computer chips and other technology that make simply cutting a new, inexpensive key impossible. The cost of getting a key replaced at a dealership can cost $200 to $300 or more, depending on your car’s make and model. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid sticker shock at the dealership and still get the key repair or replacement you need. Program A Spare Ahead Of Time For vehicle keys that don’t have a transponder chip in them, it is easy to program your own replacement key. You can have the metal key cut by any locksmith, and you can purchase a generic key fob remote online. The key fob will come with programming instructions you can follow to program this extra remote to work with your vehicle. Keep the spare in your home or your office desk drawer so you can avoid having to call the dealership for a replacement if your key gets lost or locked in your vehicle. Install A Code Pad System For Your Car Avoid losing your keys by installing a code entry system for your vehicle. These keyless entry systems can be installed by a locksmith or a reputable mechanic, and they give you access to your vehicle through the use of a unique code. Simply punch in the numbers for entry and you can get into your car without a traditional key. Store your ignition key in a discreet location in the car to help avoid the loss of your keys and the expense that comes with replacement. Have A Spare Entry Key Made If you are prone to locking your keys in your car, consider having your locksmith cut a spare key for you that only opens your doors. This key is less expensive than smart keys because it won’t have the computer chip inside needed for turning your vehicle on. The key will work on your car doors or trunk, so you can get to the location where you left your car keys. Keep this spare key in a safe place where it can be easily accessed in the event of a lockout. You’ll be able to gain entry into your vehicle without having to call the dealership for a replacement key. The cost of dealer replacements for lost car keys can considerable, but you can avoid spending big bucks at the dealership by planning ahead of time for key emergencies. For more information, contact One Call Lock & Key or a similar...

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